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On Consent

How do you make something as blunt and official sounding as “do you consent to have sexual relations with me” sound like actual bedroom talk? Well.. maybe you don’t have to.

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We Want Your Job – Summer Camp Coordinator

Welcome to We Want Your Job, where we explore the unique careers of women around the world. Today, we’re talking to Kelsey Tullis, 26, who works for a medical nonprofit and gets to go to summer camp every year. Photography by Candice Martin. Name + Age: Kelsey Tullis, 26                 […]


Here We Go!

Hey there! Welcome to the launch of We’ll get to the real fun posts soon, but I figured I should probably introduce myself before we jump in. So, here’s a semi-serious fake interview I conducted with myself to let you know what’s what and who’s who. It’s dense like a loaf of whole wheat […]