Our Mission

In short, our mission at A Girl Named Ella is to empower girls and women through fostering creativity, compassion, and independence. In other words, content here is focused on answering questions like “how do I solve this problem by myself? How do I create a space that makes me happy? How do I succeed at this thing I really want to do? How do I foster healthy relationships in all aspects of my life? How do I make this thing instead of buying it? How do I get involved in this cause I’m passionate about? And most importantly, how do I become the person I want to be?” I’m hoping that with time, this space will help foster a community of like-minded people that support each other, help each other, learn from each other, and have fun together. You’ll notice that most of my writing here will be semi-serious, which is pretty much how I live my life.
Cliff notes version: a lifestyle blog with a sprinkle of DIY and a dollop of girl talk. Yum yum.
*side note*: When I say this is meant to be a space for girls and women, that is not meant to exclude people of different gender identities. ALL are welcome here! Most of the content will be written by me, and because I am a woman, I write from my experience as a woman. It would be super cool if a bunch of people who are not women wanted to read my writing, but I am also very aware that men, for example, often don’t seek out blogs like this one.

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