Here’s a roundup of some of the most common questions I’ve received. If you have a question that a) isn’t listed here and/or b) you want to whisper to me privately, please leave a comment or contact me. I appreciate you!

What camera gear do you use?
All the photos you see on this blog and on my social media are taken with either my iPhone 6 or my Canon 70D with a Sigma 1.4/28mm art lens. I rotate my editing programs, but my favorites are VSCO, Afterlight, and Adobe Lightroom.

I’m coming to Portland! What do I do there?
Yay! Here’s my guide to the city. Additionally, I frequently post about great places/things/experiences on my Instagram.

Why aren’t there any meat recipes on this blog?
Ah! Very observant. I have been eating a vegan diet for about six years; in other words, I haven’t eaten or cooked any meat since then. So it wouldn’t make much sense for me to be writing about it.

How old are you?
21, going on 92.

Are you in school?
Yes! I’m currently a sophomore at Portland State University, studying film production. I completed my first year of college at Western Washington University and then took a gap year, which you can read a little more about here. I’m also a very indecisive person so don’t be surprised if I drop out of school completely and move to Antarctica or something like that.

How do you get your ideas?
I’m very lucky to have lived in and traveled to some incredibly creative cities, and I would say 60% of my ideas come from people-watching and exploring the areas around me (if you ever see me sitting in the middle of a mall staring intensely at passersby, don’t be alarmed). The other 40% comes from a combination of Pinterest, Instagram, bookstores, my own search history, and a whole long list of other bloggers and influencers.

Are you married?
Hell no. Please ask again when I’m 30.

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