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Do You Pay Attention to Dating Rules?

As a woman who dates men, I often feel like the rules I’m supposed to follow are not simply male-centric, but genuinely focused on making dating, love, and sex endeavors that benefit primarily the male party. Here’s three of the most popular rules and why I don’t pay attention to them.


My (Boy) Friends

“Even at age seven or eight, I was painfully aware that if I attempted to get closer to any of the boys I found cool or interesting, I would be teased about wanting to have that boy be my boyfriend, wanting to kiss him on the playground, etc. etc. So I didn’t pursue any of those friendships, solely because of the social consequences that I knew would come of it.”


On Consent

How do you make something as blunt and official sounding as “do you consent to have sexual relations with me” sound like actual bedroom talk? Well.. maybe you don’t have to.