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IUDs, Pills, and Condoms – Oh My!

Birth control is not a very fun subject. For most women, you’re sort of given a method that works for a lot people, told “good luck” and sent on your merry way. Or maybe that was just me?


Do You Pay Attention to Dating Rules?

As a woman who dates men, I often feel like the rules I’m supposed to follow are not simply male-centric, but genuinely focused on making dating, love, and sex endeavors that benefit primarily the male party. Here’s three of the most popular rules and why I don’t pay attention to them.


My (Boy) Friends

“Even at age seven or eight, I was painfully aware that if I attempted to get closer to any of the boys I found cool or interesting, I would be teased about wanting to have that boy be my boyfriend, wanting to kiss him on the playground, etc. etc. So I didn’t pursue any of those friendships, solely because of the social consequences that I knew would come of it.”