Do you really want bangs, or do you just have a lot of feelings?

Do you really want bangs, or do you just have a lot of feelings? My March issue of Cosmopolitan magazine featuring this headline was delivered to my house four days after I got bangs. TOO CLOSE TO HOME, COSMO.

The question itself is very fair. SO MANY people use hair changes as an outward expression of what’s going on in their life (read: getting drunk, crying about your ex, realizing who the fuck you are and dying your hair bright red in the kitchen sink at 3 a.m.). There is NOTHING wrong with that in my opinion, but for a major choice like bangs it seems better to mull it over for awhile.

Well. I’ve considered bangs for forever, seeing as how I have a forehead the size of Texas, but never put any action behind it (except for when I was five years old, and you can see for yourself how that one turned out). So, of course, it was a rather traumatic life event that actually triggered the cutting of the hairs. I waltzed right on in to Blueprint Modern Hair, told my hairdresser I trusted her, and watched as my forehead and, honestly, a good chunk of my negative emotional state disappeared. MAGIC!

Bangs are work. Especially if you have weirdly poofy, super curly, color treated hair like mine. But honestly? The reward of people a) complimenting the bold choice and b) wondering what on god’s green earth happened to make you so ready for this kind of commitment is worth it.

Who really cares if you actually want a new hairstyle or if you just wanna do something drastic (that you might regret later)? Beats some other ideas I can think of to accomplish the same level of “fuck fuck fuck what have I done.”

What do you think? Have you ever made a hair choice based solely off your mental state? Was it the right choice?


NBE (new banged Ella)

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