Favorite Feelings

Hey friends. How are you today? I’m happy to report that today is official move-in day — after almost three months of splitting time between two houses, we are finally getting furniture (and a fridge!) delivered TODAY. Hallelujah.

Anyways. I’m thinking of this wonderful little space that I am still building and how happy it makes me to be here, and to have found a creative outlet again. It just feels so GOOD!! It inspired me to share a list of some delightful feelings and experiences I’ve found myself able to more fully enjoy lately. Seasonal depression is very much a thing for me and for anyone else who struggles with it, I encourage you to make a list like this. It’s an exercise in gratitude and being present. Come back to it when it feels like nothing is good, and find a way to feel those feelings.

– Hearing it start to rain outside – drip, drop, drip, drop – and feeling extra cozy indoors

– Helping someone less fortunate than you. I’m working on a post centered around ways to help homeless people without giving cash, which is something I’ve been doing WAY more of since moving into the heart of a city with a huge homeless population. Kindness is good for all involved.

– Skin to skin cuddling. There’s something about being shirtless or pantsless or clothesless that makes non-sexual touch miles better. Feeling close to another human makes me feel more human.

– Finally being able to breathe through your nose again after a bad cold (GET YOUR FLU SHOT Y’ALL)

– Sinking in to a scalding hot bath when it’s 60 degrees in your house.

– Exercising your creative brain. Awhile back, Tracy challenged herself to paint before breakfast every day for 100 days. AMAZING. I’m not sure if I would do the exact same challenge, but seeing her progress with it inspires me to find a way or two to be creative daily.

– Not really a feeling but PLEASE LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL HOUSE. The light, the wood, the warmth! It filled me with joy.

And that’s all she wrote. What are your favorite feelings lately? And what are some ways you cope with seasonal (or non-seasonal) depression?

xoxo, E

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