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Hi friends! I’m popping by today to share a few things that have inspired me lately. I’m currently in a whirlwind of moving houses (!), starting a new job (!!), and working on adopting a dog (!!!) – expect updates on all of those things soon! For now, I hope your weekend is wonderful, and for those of you in the hurricane danger zone, please stay warm and safe. xoxo, Ella

1. Cool is an emotional straightjacket.

2. How to be aggressively delightful – something everyone should strive for, methinks. Her perspective on being a ray of sun in this political and social climate is beyond inspiring.

3. Things worth missing and not missing about life.

4. A list of the best written TV series of all time. What would you add??

5. The most amazing collection of firsts. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS.

6. The infamous, notorious PSL and what it’s reputation means. This made me think of a tweet I saw awhile ago about it being fine for men to have huge dumb trucks and attach fake glow-in-the-dark testicles to the back of them, but for it to be the worst thing in the WORLD for a woman to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, pop music, and Uggs. Sexism is alive and well!

7. When and where to find the best leaves!!

8. Bummed out about the Cynthia Nixon defeat in NY polls? Try her bagel order and feel a little better about things.

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