Brushing Off the Cobwebs

Hi there. It’s been a while. How are you? Is your summer good? Staying cool? I hope so. It’s been quiet around here. A lot’s happened since April, which apparently was the last time I wrote anything here. Most notably, I moved into a new apartment, my first real venture into living in the real […]

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Going Back to School

Going back to school after a year off in the real world.

Hair Style

Do you really want bangs, or do you just have a lot of feelings?

My March issue of Cosmopolitan magazine featuring this headline was delivered to my house four days after I got bangs. TOO CLOSE TO HOME, COSMO.

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We Want Your Job – Digital Desk Editor

Welcome to We Want Your Job, where we explore the unique careers of women around the world. Today, we’re talking to Nicole Hernandez, 22, who works for a television news station in Indiana. Photography by Nicole Hernandez Photo.

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Do You Pay Attention to Dating Rules?

As a woman who dates men, I often feel like the rules I’m supposed to follow are not simply male-centric, but genuinely focused on making dating, love, and sex endeavors that benefit primarily the male party. Here’s three of the most popular rules and why I don’t pay attention to them.

Lifestyle Wish Lists + Roundups

Favorite Feelings

Seasonal depression is very much a thing for me and for anyone else who struggles with it, I encourage you to make a list like this. It’s an exercise in gratitude and being present. Come back to it when it feels like nothing is good, and find a way to feel those feelings.

Health Lifestyle

Satisfaction and Self-Validation

About that time I climbed a mountain and it helped me see my body in a brand new light of positivity.

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What We’ve Been Reading

This past summer, for the first time in probably 6 years, I read a book for pleasure. No one had assigned it to me, and there wasn’t a report on it due at the end of the month. It was MAGICAL.

Lifestyle Wish Lists + Roundups

Link Love Friday

8 fun links for the weekend, including Miranda Hobbes’ bagel order and the best TV series of all time.

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My (Boy) Friends

“Even at age seven or eight, I was painfully aware that if I attempted to get closer to any of the boys I found cool or interesting, I would be teased about wanting to have that boy be my boyfriend, wanting to kiss him on the playground, etc. etc. So I didn’t pursue any of those friendships, solely because of the social consequences that I knew would come of it.”